TradeKing Review

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This TradeKing review was led by the expert team of for those who need to know about how to open a trading account with TradeKing. It is a low-cost online broker that offers wide value to their customers. In this review will deliver a high level overview of what they provide and how they can to assist you attain your investing aims?

I allocated widely with TradeKing for the duration of my days as a stock broker and was at all times impressed through their platform and service to customers. This review comes from that knowledge and believe there are lots of value in the 4.95 dollars commission fee they charge – which is the lowermost commission price in the business.

Trading platform 

Its web-based platform so-called TradeKing LIVE, provides quick trading competences, a customizable dashboard, data and actual streaming quotes, and admittance to all of the tools the broker provides. Customers who regularly trade from numerous computers home and work, for instance — will gain this Web-based platform, which doesn’t necessitate any downloads. TradeKing LIVE has also unconventional the capability for customers to trade through mobile devices through the company’s mobile apps, or usage a smartphone to simply admittance the web-based platform.

Account minimum 

TradeKing creates it simple for depositors to get started, by means of no account minimum. Though, there’s no free lunch: Evading the 50 dollars yearly inactivity fee necessitates minimum activity and an account balance of 2,500 dollars.

Mobile Trading

It has 2 smartphone apps: iPhone and Android. IPhone app, and unluckily no longer own an Android smartphone to do an acceptable review.

If you don’t have some of these mobile devices, they do provide a simpler mobile version of their website. The mobile features are rather incomplete, but you have sufficient features to do simple trading.


Simply a few online brokers can weary Trade King’s ETF trade commission of 4.95 dollars and low stock, and the detail that the company’s valuing is so precise is an additional bonus. Options agreements are also low, at 4.95 dollars plus 65 cents per contract, and numerous options orders are valued the similar as single leg, with simply one base charge. For complete information about the TradeKing broker spreads visit “” Tradeking review page.

Customer Service

It doesn’t have 24/7 customer service or hundreds of offices like Scottrade, Fidelity or E*Trade, but it does provide customer service in all area you may essential: email, live chat and phone. In its initial days, TradeKing was recognised for stellar customer facility, but since the industry has changed, customer support services is about on par with the relaxation of the online brokers in the business.

The bottom line

To know more about the broker visit “ForexSQ.comTradeking review page. For active depositors looking for low-cost trades and average trading tools, offers the kind of facility you’d expect from a much overpriced, high-minimum platform. Options traders in exact will appreciate its strong choice of options and its reasonable flat-fee commission list. Cost-conscious active dealers might be amazed at how much they can acquire for so little at TradeKing, Wikipedia says. You can download tradeking google Android app or iTunes IOS application for mobile trading.

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