Spread betting explanation for beginners

The expert team at ForexSQ explain how to start spread betting. Spread betting permits depositors to make money based on the price movements of certain financial marketplaces. To do this, investors can gamble on the value of a variety of instruments, such as indices, stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies, without taking physical possession of the original assets.

All you essential to decide is whether the value of an asset will move up or down and at which value to sell or buy in the marketplace. Spread betting is a convenient method to try and make a profit without the extra costs and transactional limits that come with physically having a security. You should at all times remember that spread betting uses leverage which exploits both your potential profit and your risk, and you can mislay more than your original deposit. You should use risk management actions and build your spread betting in small steps, beginning from the fundamentals.

New to spread betting?

There are certain important aspects that new spread betting traders should consider beforehand beginning to trade. Novices should at all times remember that spread betting is not like betting in a casino. It is at all times wise to select assets that you are acquainted with. Moreover, it is advisable to opt for a spread betting provider that provides free educational materials, low trading costs, and an accessible trading platform to provide you greater assurance when placing your orders. Reliable and Consistent customer service is also an important feature.

It’s simple to begin spread betting with ForexSQ. Just follow our 3-step guide and you could be placing your first spread bet in minutes:

Step 1: Open a Spread bet account

You essential to open an account with us so as to start trading. Our application procedure is secure and simple and you can put on for an online account at any time by filling in our online application form.

When we’ve successfully completed the verification procedure, we’ll send you an account number through email to confirm that your account is open.

Presently after that, our account managers will provide you a call in case you have any other questions.

Step 2: Fund your account

When your account is open, you’ll essential to transfer funds into it to start trading. You can do this in a diversity of methods through the ‘Account’ tab in the trading platform.

Your original deposit must be as a minimum £100 but the minimum amount afterwards that is £25.

For more info on how you can transfer funds in and out of your account, see our support and help section.

Step 3: Start spread betting

At present you have a trading account and have deposited capitals, you can start trading.

Log in, select whether to spread bet or trade CFDs, choice your markets and open a position.

You can right to use live price feeds, flowing charts and news instantly and trade 24-hours a day.

We provide a range of powerful trading platforms comprising AT Pro and Advantage Web.

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