Professional Managed Forex Account By Fxstay Team

Forex Managed Account is a type of the Forex Trading account in which owner of the account grants permission to the experienced traders to trade from his or her Managed Forex Account to earn profit. The trader trading from the owner’s account is the manager of the owner’s Managed Forex Account.

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Manager has permission to trade in the Forex Managed Accounts on behalf of the owner. The permissions of the trader are limited to trading only and he cannot deposit any extra fund to the account or withdraw from it to his or her own account. Fxstay Team doesn’t keep any facts hidden because we want you to be aware about what is going in the market. Managed Forex Trading is not something every traders can do it , it need at least several years of successful trading experience with using the right Money Management and risk level , So do not trust every one that show you huge profits on a Forex Managed Account historybecause most of the Managed Forex trading performances are fake because they collect 2 or 3 month history they were in big profit because of trade with high risk without any Money Management , the other important reason is past performance will not indicative future results because this is the reality of the Fx market , no one include huge banks or even some special countries can not control future of the Fx market , so be aware from big profits in short time offer by a newbie Money Manager if you do not want to loss all of your money , Trust those Forex Managed Accounts providers offer you logical and safe profit each month .

Our team prefers low risk trading on all the Forex Managed Accounts because low risk means less chance of profit or loss and high risk means higher chance of profit or loss. Either you will earn millions or you will go home without a buck in your pocket. So we suggest the better option is to trade wisely and earn slowly .

We provide the facility of high risk trading in the Forex Managed Accounts only on the owner’s demand. Low risk trading limits our profit to 1%-10% per month but still we encourage low risk trading because this is still good profit and our primary aim is the profit of our traders and investors. Those sites encouraging high risk trading earn much more than us but there is no guarantee of success of their traders and lost all money of their investors. You can start your Forex Managed Accounts with Fxstay Team in different account types below:

Mini Accounts : Start From: 1K$ [1000.00 $]

Retail Accounts :Start From: 10K$ [10000.00 $]

Standard Accounts :Start From: 100K$ [100.000.00 $]

VIP Managed Accounts : Start From: 1000K$ [ $]


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