Plus500 Withdrawal Time

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Plus500 Withdrawal Time

The time frame for processing a withdrawal request is normally 3-7 business days, in order to allow us to complete various security checks before initiating payment. The time frame for receipt of the payment, is dependent upon the payment method and processing time of the third party remitter. The withdrawal screen on the trading platform states the minimum withdrawal requirements for each type of payment method. Processing a withdrawal request for less than the minimum withdrawal amount may result in charges to your account.

Plus500 PayPal Withdrawal Time

In order to complete a PayPal withdrawal, if this method is available in your region, you may be required to log in to your PayPal account and claim the funds in order for them to be reflected in your PayPal account balance.

You may also be required to verify your PayPal account email address before you can claim your funds. To do so please select the link for “E-mail address verification” and enter the login and password to your PayPal account. This link is located in the email message sent to your main email address, immediately after opening your PayPal account. Email address may be changed in your PayPal account as follows: “Profile” → “email” → “add/edit”. Should you require any further assistance, please contact PayPal help and support.

Plus 500 Withdrawal Time

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