Plus500 Leverage

Plus500 Leverage explained by forex pros, All you need to know about Plus 500 Leverage, Read this review about Plus500 trading leverage before invest money. For more information about Plus 500 leverage you can visit Plus500 review by website.

Plus500 Leverage

Leverage is the expanse you can expand your trades. At Plus500 there is a extreme of 50:1, which though significantly lower than what is on provide with many other brokerages, for the beginner trader, keeping Plus500 leverage in checked is significant. Being a novel trader and having 500:1 leverage can be an unsafe thing, so having an uncertain leverage for the novel traders means that they can reduce the complete risk in their trades.

Margin Call

The maintenance margin level is the minimum amount of equity a customer needs to maintain an open position. Should your equity fall below the minimum amount, then, Plus500 will automatically execute a margin call trade and close any open positions until your account equity exceeds the maintenance margin level requirement.

Plus 500 Leverage change

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