Review comes with a slew of excellent features, including financial education and discussions, as well as the ability to connect clients, traders, and brokers. Furthermore, the Livetrades affiliate programme offers a variety of benefits that enable every trader, from novice to experienced, to trade in the market. The site has innovative automated tools that allow users to replicate the transactions of other successful traders.

LiveTrades Review

The platform’s origins are in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it boasts all-powerful automation tools that allow new and experienced users to copy successful traders. In comparison to other comparable platforms that operate in shady regions, LiveTrades is all about being honest and transparent about their platform.

The platform provides consumers with transparent trade data by using its most powerful technological partners and liquidity system. This is why Livetrades has garnered several industry awards, including the World Forex Award, for its outstanding affiliate network.

They believe in educating their users, which is why they pay special attention to educating them about the foundations of market operations. As part of Livetrades’ educational initiative, the company provides relevant guides targeted at its users based on their experience level, from novice to the most experienced to someone who is completely new to trading.

The platform is so efficient that you can’t overlook its incredible features, such as giving less than 7ms execution speed on an average order, integrating 15 brokers and liquidity providers, more than 20K trades done daily, and, last but not least, a whopping €545,000,000 trading volume each day.


As a Livertrades affiliate, users may earn a variety of rewards, including a $1000 incentive for recommending a new member to the site. Aside from comparable brokers and trading programmes, Livetrades works in a very generous manner, rewarding clients $1000 for each recommendation, as opposed to the competition, which offers clients $500 or less for each referral. As a result, as compared to the competition, Livetrades places a premium on its customers.

Further to that, because LiveTrades is highly upfront about their trades, they have a demonstrated track record of success. Anyone interested in joining the site can select one of four distinct sorts of accounts. If a user selects a self-trading account, it is absolutely free; nevertheless, the user must maintain at least $500 in their account. The advantage of this account is that users may keep all of their profits.

Livetrades, on the other hand, offers accounts for Basic Subscribers, Pro Traders, and VIP Traders. These subscription-based accounts need a monthly charge of $100. If a person wants to upgrade their account, they can do so based on the total cash deposited in the account.

The LiveTrades platform is adaptable since it offers a variety of payment methods. Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, WireX Gateway, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, and, Tether are some of the alternatives accessible to you.

Users may take use of a variety of services on the LiveTraders website as well as on iOS and Android. Users of the platform may access its services without installing any additional software. By using only a web browser you can unlock the platform’s massive perks.

LiveTrades’ security methods are also among the most sophisticated on the market. AES-256 encrypts both the platform and its users, as well as the data contained within it. Furthermore, the site adheres to all government norms and rules, so users need not be concerned about government regulations.

Traders on the site can also take part in regular tournaments. The company has recently begun organizing competitions for traders to see who has the most money at the end of each event. When you use LiveTraders, it’s not uncommon to win prizes like a Tesla Model 3, $10,000, or a trip to Iceland.

Copy Live Traders

One of the most fascinating aspects of the platform is the ability for traders to simulate the greatest traders in the market through the platform. No matter the expertise of trading, this programme may be utilised by everyone. Using auto-trading on the platform, your account can trade without requiring much manual intervention. Upfront Fees are not required for handling, depositing, withdrawing, or dealing.

In light of the success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other projects in the cryptocurrency space, you’re probably interested in them. In spite of this, you are still a newcomer to the trading industry, and you have no idea where to start. As the market includes over 10,000 assets, performing technical or fundamental analysis is very complicated.

Alternatively, you can use live trades to connect with a global network of experienced, well-vetted traders. Pick your traders and watch the market unfold. Trades from several high-performance traders can also be combined.

Moreover, your possessions and security will not be compromised. You can withdraw your cash from any regulated financial institution at any time, and a trader can only access your account for trading purposes.

How do I create an account?

Setting up an account is an easy procedure. By using the “Open Account” button in the navigation bar, you may create an account. You have to fill up the form. Ensure the completion of your verification procedures. You have to deposit €1000 in your account. Now, you are free to start your trading journey. Review Conclusion

LiveTrades is a great service that offers excellent customer service, easy-to-use software, a dependable platform, a strong trading model, and an active community. Platforms like LiveTrader meet all the criteria for being a good platform. Featuring fast order execution speeds, a large pool of liquidity providers, and high volume, Livetrades is difficult to beat.