Capital One Investing Review

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This Capital One Investing review was led by the team of for those who need to know about how to open a trading account with Capital One. It is part of Capital One, a Fortune 500 company that provides an excess of financial services and products. The Capital One Investing side of it is focused towards servicing customers looking to invest in the marketplaces through an online platform that provides options, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. They have actual reasonable commission and charges and provide an automatic investment strategy that is provided to each individual founded on their investment objectives and financial requirements. They have well-informed staff that was polite and professional and equitable wait times.

Trading Platform

The online trading platform is actually simple and clean to navigate. While you are stock trading, you can simply select what you would like to spend in, how numerous shares you would like to buying and which finance source you will usage for the trade. Beforehand your trade is comprehensive, you can review your order and an approximation of the entire cost of your trade, comprising your trade charge. Selling is simply as simple as purchasing in this user-approachable platform.

Capital One Investing Account Types

At present, I have a complete of 2 custodial investment accounts through Capital One Investing. Having said that, the service provides the following kinds of investment options and investing accounts:

  • Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • joint and Individual taxable investment accounts
  • 401k Rollovers and Small Business 401k’s
  • Custodial/Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESA)

Not each broker provides a custodial account. As the accounts I individually opened are for my children, this was one of the greatest brokers I could find that met that necessity. To open a free demo account visit the Capital One Investing broker review page at “”.

Minimum Balance

There is not any minimum balance essential while you open a Capital One Investing account. Online trades are valued at 6.95 dollars and broker-assisted trades are simply 19.95 dollars. The trade values are average while compared with other online trading companies we studied, and the broker-helped trades are on the low end.

Mobile App

Mobile apps presented for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Blackberry and Android allow you trade no matter wherever you are. The apps permit you to monitor your separate accounts and stop up to date on market newsflash. You can get quotes, place trades, view charts and make transfers from a mobile device, but you are not capable to create signals or fund your account. All app is customizable, and an info icon on the screen offers tips and instructions by means of the app.


To know more about the broker visit “” Capital One Investing review page. The Capital One Investing provides a good choice of online stock trading services and provides competitive valuing options. The orderly trading platform is simple to usage, and the mobile apps provide additional accessibility. The research part is well organized and offers good visions on investment choices. Capital One Investing is an upright choice for online stock trading, particularly if you are interested in preparation automatic trades, Wikipedia says.

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