What Is Mini Forex Trading

The Mini Forex Trading is different from the main foreign exchange trading because in Mini Forex your lot size are much lower than the standard lot sizes for example if you take 1 lot in Mini Foreign Exchange account in fact you buy or sell $ 10.000 from that currency pair but in standard Account if you take 1 lot you sell or buy $100.000 from that currency pair so the first big difference between standard Account and Mini Foreign exchange account is the lot size are much lower . The other best advantage is Mini Forex Accounts are really helpful for newbies because you can start with much lower amounts than standard FX so you can get more experience while you invest lower amount of money .

What Is Mini Forex Brokers

Now you know what is Mini Forex but what about brokers? Most of traders do not know that all the brokers do not provide this service so first of all you must ask your brokers if they provide Mini Foreign exchange or no and the other important question is ask your Mini Forex Brokers if they provide the service in the same platform they provide standard account .

The other important thing is ask your Broker how much leverage they provide for your Foreign exchange Account, some of them provide really high leverage even 1:500 but they do not provide the same leverage on standard Foreign exchange accounts , i highly recommend that do not use high leverage in your Mini Forex Account if you are a newbies trader because it will burn all of your money too fast and you can not managed your Foreign Exchange Account in the right way when you use high leverage so avoid use high leverage in Mini Forex trading, now you know what is mini Forex trading account.

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