IG Markets Review

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This IG Markets review was conducted by the team of us for those who want to know about the IG Index group. IG is an international leader in online trading, providing fast and flexible admittance to over 10,000 financial marketplaces – excluding indices, shares, Forex, binaries and commodities. Established in 1974 as the world’s 1st financial spread betting firm, its purpose is to become the default choice for active traders internationally. It is now a respected multi-platform trading company, the world’s number one provider of CFDs and an international leader in Forex, and in 2014 September, launched its novel execution-only stockbroking service. It is a participant of the FTSE 250, with offices across Africa, Europe, and the US, where it provides limited risk derivatives contracts through the Nadex brand.

IG Markets review

Ease of use

IG markets website has links to a complete range of trading education and is sensibly simple to navigate. They also provide to a range of traders with their mobile trading apps, Pure Forex solution and spread betting platform in the UK.

One of the difficult things to get around originally on their platform is the range of chances to trade the one product. For example an Index could have 3 or 4 different versions with dissimilar dollar amounts per point movement.

Platform Features

IG Markets have a wide-ranging of features and claim to have fast implementation with the mainstream of trades executed in 0.1 seconds. One of their valued features is their Insight Center which, among many things, displays the percentage of traders short or long a certain product. For those looking for insight into which manner the majority of people are trading, this can be fairly obliging.

For Australian based stock traders IGMarkets provide a version of DMA trading called Pure Deal, permitting traders access to Direct Market Access trading. This can be fairly beneficial for those who are looking for transparency of trading platform.

Commissions and margins

Commissions are what you would assume from one of the great players which means they are not the inexpensive. They have such a big brand that they mostly expect people to pay a little more. You will pay 8 dollars for a share CFD trade on the Australian marketplace and parcels over 10,000 dollars will attract a 0.10 percent fee.

Margins on share CFDs start at 5 percent and Forex margins as little as 0.5 percent. They also run guaranteed stops, which can be linked to your position so you not ever lose more than your original margin. Other than that they run a tiered margining systems for those who trade greater than the normal trader.

Range of markets

IG Markets provides the full suite of markets comprising Indices, Forex, Commodities, Share CFDs, Binaries, AUD Denominated CFDs, Bonds, Options and Interest Rates. They accurately do have thousands of markets presented at your fingertips. One of the fascinating features is the capability to trade both options and CFDs from the one trading account. For more information about IG Markets Spreads Visit “ForexSQ.com” IG Markets review page.

Spreads and fees

Spreads on the IG platform are actually competitive as you’d imagine from one of the leading brokers worldwide with Forex spreads from 0.8 pips. And the Brokerage on the Australian share CFDs starts from 8 dollars or 0.10 percent for parcels above $10,000, which is still actually competitive.

Reputation and security

IG Markets is considered the international leader for CFD traders winning numerous awards and has a particularly dominant position in the Australian marketplace with around 37 percent market share with CFD traders. They have over 140,000 customers internationally and implement very safe customer money handling processes.

Being openly listed, you’ll find all the essential records to track how they are going and view their share price for further info about their yearly and quarterly results. It is significant to also state that IG Markets is both FCA and ASIC regulated.

IG Markets UK Review Conclusion

IG Markets are considered the international leader in trading technology amongst CFD and Forex traders and only just Investment Trends noted they now control 37 percent of primary relations among present CFD traders, edging out CMC Markets by 16 percent to claim the top spot. If you want to open Free IG Markets demo account then you can visit” TopForexBrokers.comIGMarkets review page.

Positively our IG Index Review has shed some light on whether this broker is appropriate for your specific trading requirements or not. Whereas there are a range of Forex Brokers and CFD Brokers around, the best method to see if a broker is correct for you is to download their free demo, Wikipedia says. You can download the IG markets Android application or iTunes app for mobile trading. The important advantage of the broker is it’s regulated by FCA .

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