Fxstay Broker Investing In Your Forex Account

Open a forex managed account with Fxstay Forex Broker and they invest %20 from their own money in your account to show you their professional traders team and their dedicate trading strategies are really profitable as they invest their own money in the clients account for trading .

This means If you invest $25000 in a forex managed account with Fxstay team they will invest $5000 from their own money in your managed forex account so you will have totally $30000 in your account ready for trading.
Fxstay Forex Broker Also Guarantees their Clients Main Investment Up To $100.000.00

The Fxstay forex broker provides guarantee to its clients forex managed accounts up to $100.000.00, The guarantee include the main investment clients investing in a managed account with Fxstay broker for trading by its professional manageres, To make it clear for you let me tell you example: For example a client investing $100.000 with Fxstay broker and for any reason the traders making loss but as your main investment is guarantee you will get all $100.000 back in your account .

This happens  for the first time in managed forex account industry that a fx broker guarantees main investment of its clients, This shows a top forex broker like Fxstay team trusts its strategies and its professional managers that they really making profit so that is why Fxstay guarantees its clients main investment so there is no loss for clients here now to open theirs managed forex accounts with Fxstay Forex Broker .

Please note currently the Guarantee is available just for NON U.S clients.        

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Fxstay is an international team that specializes in the Forex Managed Account service. Our company is involved in the Forex Trading since 2008 and is lead by the group of professionally trained Forex Account Managers from all around the world. We welcome you to join our fastest growing company as a trader or investor. Currently the best traders or investors from all around the world are registered with us because we provide our traders or investors professional Forex Management Account with safe risk.

Fxstay team provide  VIP Forex Managed Accounts use dedicate teams which include professional and international trades to Managed your Account with low risk.